Maison Lucchezi 

Maison Lucchezi is a family brand, created by a blogger in the field of lifestyle and decor - Natalia Lucchezi. The project consists of a blog on Instagram, offline master classes, and online courses of table decor, cooking, and other topics related to home, family, and traveling to France. The task was to create a warm and sweet visual identity for the brand, that would make you feel like at Lucchezi's home.

The building of the Lucchesi family house was chosen as the main symbol for the brand. This is a large, 200-year-old white house in the center of a small town in France. Other symbols chosen by the client were a rose bush growing in the Maison Lucchezi's garden near a magic well as well as the white-blue vase, as the family has a huge collection of them

Timeless elegance, inspiration, and easy going French life as well as the historic aspect of the house are transmitted with the help of two main elements: a hand-drawn illustration, where the famous magic well with a blooming rose bush stands in front of the house and a classy, soft, but a bit playful typographic composition.


To create suitable for embroidery illustrations a clear vector image is needed, which should be as limited as possible in color shades and details. At the same time, I needed the pictures to be organic and a bit nostalgic, so I started with watercolor illustrations, subtle and delicate, which then became the basis for vector illustrations.

Vector Image
Final resul

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