Pizza Cipollino

This is Cipollino, the mascot of a new pizza delivery service in Warsaw. They make delicious, mouth-watering and eye-watering Roman-style pizzas all over the city. The client contacted us to create a character that personified the brand and had to coexist with other mascots in an oversaturated market. Our strategy was to move away from the current trend of synthetic-looking 1970s American fast food characters and offer a fresher take on the food mascot. We intended to create a character with a friendly and happy personality. Cipollino is lively and good-natured, he will make the pizzas calmly and deliver them quickly. A line of modular thickness made with a brush brings us closer to natural and fluid ingredients, such as tomato spread on pizza, onion wedges or strings of cheese. The underlying geometry of the composition is based on a circle [pizza, onion] placed inside a square [pizza box]. The result gives prominence to Cipollino's mascot and integrates typography, treating it as a fun and illustrative resource.

Credits: project in collaboration with Rubén Badenes

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