Superfly Wine Identity

Superfly Wine is a very special place - it is one of the first natural wine bars and bistros in Warsaw, Poland. The clue words expressing the vibe were: young, joyful, free spirit, 70s, psychedelic, community, and women.

So the image of a superfast, clever, a bit dark fly, that loves to have fun and socialize with other flies, but that also is nice to be with, that makes you laugh like hell appeared in my mind. I was looking for something with two sides - a “positive” and a “negative” one, to create this complicated feeling, a feeling of a person - full of virtues and also, full of shit. I also wanted to give the identity kind of retro/vintage/70s feeling.​​​​​​​

Even though I previously explained why the image of a fly was chosen, it still has other meanings. Flies are crazy, and they hang out together a lot, they are not really likable at first sight, but they play a very important role in the cycle of life - they represent nature.

 It might be dirty, and noisy, but this is what life is all about. This is what growing grapes in a biodynamic way is all about. And they are attracted to the natural stuff! That is the reason why you can see those distinguished ladies and gentlemen enjoying their glasses of natural wine.

May I present you the logo (the middle image) - here we basically have a composition of our badass fly and some psychedelic letters. The geometric shape around the fly represents a portal... A portal to the world of mystery, adventures, a secret community, the world of natural wines...

I have also made some illustrations for the merch - some chilling flies enjoying their date and the sunset. For the bags, I came up with the idea of carrying lots of stuff...*emotional baggage*

*emotional baggage*
A poster for a brunch event 
Together with Rano Piekarnia bakery
Now the place is doing really well, spreading the idea of a natural and less posh way of enjoying wine. I am super grateful to Carolina for being so open and ready to take risks, which let us achieve this bright and special visual identity for the brand <3

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